Research Volunteers

Pharmasite Research is currently offering a clinical research study of n investigational medication for depression in adults age 65 and over who have had an inadequate response to their antidepressant treatment.
You may be able to participate if you:
Age 65 or older
Had at least one depressive episode before the age of 60
Are in good health
Currently are experiencing a depressive episode which has lasted at least 2 months
Have an inadequate response to at least one antidepressant treatment in the current episode
Qualifed participants will recieve study related medical and psychatric evaluations and study medication at no charge. Qualifed participants also receive compensation for time and travel. For more information, please call:
(410) 602-1440
Pharmasite Research, Inc.
Alan M. Jonas, M.D. Prinicipal Investigator
Robert B. Lehman, M.D. Sub-investigator

Don't Be Fooled

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